Miller & Chevalier

Miller & Chevalier | Washington DC

When historic law firm Miller & Chevalier became the anchor tenant in a new development in downtown DC, KGa got the call.

Included in the project was Suite Entry Doors & Sidelites using 1/2″ low iron tempered glass in a bronze hardware finish across 5 floors. We also installed door lites into wood doors and corridor doors and sidelites at the cafe, as well as a glass wall at the reception area and cafe that had stone sidelites for accents.

The challenge of the project arose with the custom mirror KGa installed. The mirror came from Omni Decor and was manufactured in Italy. The initial mirror received was flawed and needed to be replaced. Getting replacements was a challenge as the mirror was only 5/32″ thick and kept arriving broken. It took approximately 6 months from the initial order being rejected due to flaws to FINALLY get the product here in one piece and installed.

Overall the project turned out beautifully, but everyone on the project was most thrilled to get the custom mirror installed.

Miller & Chevalier
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