Step One? Preconstruction

We like being out front. We like being ahead of the curve of technologies and cutting-edge glass installations. And we’re feeling really good about our ability to see the trends in the marketplace and develop strategies to assist our clients, architects, and end-users in finding the right solutions.

That’s why we have adopted specific internal processes that enable us to deliver the best service to our customers. And we started with our Preconstruction Department.

We may well be the only glazing firm in this market – maybe even in the whole country – that has a department dedicated to making each project and reviewing it for its installation challenges, its constructability, and its adherence to code compliance. Way upfront, we’re going to review each one to identify any of the potential hurdles before they can become interruptions to the success of your project. That includes a review of the glass products, the hardware requirements, and the installation techniques to find the best-suited solutions for each project, taking into consideration the budget and the lead times. And if it requires engineering, then we will do it.

But that’s not all. Another way that we can be an invaluable resource for our clients is when they take advantage of our Design Services.

Preconstruction Services offered by KGa

Design Services is an internal group that works with architects and contractors (sometimes months before a project comes to fruition) to find the most appropriate products and glazing solutions for their clients. We can prepare multiple solutions, produce samples, mock-ups and well-defined budgets. The idea is to eliminate surprises. Except maybe for your birthday, nobody likes surprises.

Consider what an additional value it is that KGa is both a fabricator and an installer. We really can eliminate the surprises and provide more insight than most, who only do one of these things.