Kensington Glass Arts (KGa) was selected by HITT Contracting and Gensler to produce and install all of the custom glass products for the 7th – 9th floors of the Danaher office in Washington DC with some help from a few of our specialty glass and metal vendors.

The ¾” laminated glass fins were fabricated by the combined efforts of KGa & Standard Bent Glass. This laminated glass contains 7 layers of Vanceva Film to produce the warm-toned brown coloring on the fins. These fins were installed as partitions of the Danaher office and as stairs’ glass railing. At the stairs, we had 3/8″ steel plates with custom glass shoe attached, produced by All Metal, made in 3′ sections to receive glass from the top and bottom. This was done so the fins could run continuously from the ceiling on the 9th floor to the floor of the 6th floor.

In addition, KGa created and installed 3/8″ laminated glass at the ceiling, with sandblasting completed by Rowland Glass to give the glass a ridged texture and an opaque tone. In order to attach the glass we installed Uni-Strut in the light well with down rods to the glass, the rods came through the glass and were capped off so the glass finished flush to the ceiling line. The pieces of glass were cut and drilled on KGa’s CNC to match the stone joints in the wall and floor. The glass runs the length of the floor leading up to, and beyond the stairs turning down the landing.

KGa also installed all the custom laminated office from glass. This glass was produced by Bendheim with a clothe inner layer. The glass was wrapped in a custom pearwood frame provided and installed by Imperial Woodwork.

The warm-toned fins and laminated glass ceiling produce an inviting and modern look at the Danaher office.

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