Glass Fabrication For Architects

Glass Fabrication For Architects

For Architects

At Kensington Glass, we’re really into design. And pretty much sold on the potential of glass in architecture. So we’re always thrilled when we get to work with architects and designers to help specify products and consult on fabrication and installation details. We’re happy to share what we know and don’t charge for consulting. We’ll even come to your place and put on a “Lunch & Learn” session about glass products and installation.

And budgets? Well, our budget estimates are over-the-top in detail with material and installation costs, so your budget will be more accurate.

Glass and product specification

We can supply any type of glass and can help you choose the best solution. You think it up and we’ll figure out how to do it. In addition, we have strong relationships with other manufacturers and a glass sampling program. Nothing is left to chance.

Installation detailing and technical review

We’re installers and fabricators – and know just about everything there is to know about both of them. That means, we can help you with determining the best products or solutions for your project and installation detailing – which is the area that most affects pricing and where a lot of money is wasted.

And that means we’ll keep you from wasting it by reviewing your project details in advance.