Exelon Headquarters – Baltimore

New Addition to the Baltimore Skyline

Exelon Headquarters | Baltimore MD

When the customers tight construction schedule called for someone to furnish and install fourteen floors of low iron glass into Conference Rooms and panic hardware equipped suite entry doors; Kensington Glass Arts was the clear choice based on our ability to fabricate the glass from our in-house stock material in conjunction with establishing the critical “hold too” dimensions for the long lead time material required by the project to ensure timely turnover for occupancy.

In addition to all the glass Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. installed we also supplied the CNC fabricated tempered railing and guardrail glass on the project with regular deliveries to site on schedule just as required by the project.

Exelon Headquarters - Baltimore
473,000 SF over 14 floors
Smith Group JJR, photography by Garrett Rowland
Turner Construction