Franklin Square Renovation

Franklin Square

Kensington Glass Arts was selected by Harvey Cleary and Hickok Cole to install an entirely new front entrance to Franklin Square. This new entrance allows for the existing architecture of the building to remain while updating the facade to give a modern look. This building was initially built in 1989 and sits across from Franklin Square Park.

The glass was a special order due to its size and came over on a cargo ship from Spain. There are only a few suppliers in the world that can make glass this large, around 26′ tall, to fit the three-story entrance.  This free-standing front entrance is secured only at the top and bottom. The free-standing vestibule, glass ceiling, and free-standing entrance create an illusion that the glass is suspended in place. The large glass entrance allows for natural light to bounce off the white ceilings and illuminate the lobby of the building. Further, the back-painted glass in the Cafe and concourse levels installed by KGa provide a similar effect. The natural light, high ceilings, and glass walls are intended to encourage productivity.

Partnered with our subcontractors the installation required a glass delivery contractor using a special low body trailer, crane company, manipulator and mini-crane equipment, and traffic control systems to be put in place in order to install the large glass walls. We had to submit a detailed crane plan and general overall plan of how the work was going to be done, including all potential hazards and safety precautions. There were signs, parking kiosks, flag poles, and other obstacles that had to be negotiated. We were also challenged with the weather and the general conditions of working at night in a busy metropolitan city like Washington DC.

Overall, Kensington Glass Arts played a pivotal role in the historic Franklin Square renovation. KGa’s glass helped provide a light and airy feel by letting natural light enhance the features of the Franklin Square building.


Professional Photographer: Garrett Rowland

Franklin Square Lobby and Amenity Renovation
Hickok Cole
Harvey Cleary