What is Tempered Glass?

What is Tempered Glass?

As a glass fabricator, Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. (KGa) is proud to be one of the top producers of tempered glass in the Mid-Atlantic area. One question we often get from new customers is “What is tempered glass?” This basic question is a great place to start if you’re looking for new glass for your upcoming renovation or construction. Read more to find out about the fabrication process, uses, and potential breakage of tempered glass.

Fabrication Process

Tempered glass is produced by heating glass to a nearly molten state and blowing air uniformly on both sides in a quick cooling process. This process, known as quenching, creates an extremely strong type of glass. In fact, tempered glass is four times stronger than annealed glass. The essential detail is that all the cutting, holes, and edgework must be completed before tempering. once glass has been tempered, it cannot be altered.


Often, tempered glass is used for storefront glass, shower doors, and office dividers. You can also find tempered glass in common household items, such as ovens or computer screens.


When tempered glass breaks, it shatters into many tiny cube-shaped particles. These particles minimize injury or impact, and large pieces of glass will not impact individuals. The smaller tempered pieces of glass will likely only cause small cuts, therefore considered safety glass. Overall, tempered glass can withstand repeated blunt force without breaking on its face surfaces.

About Kensington Glass Arts

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. (KGa) is a commercial glass fabricator, installer, and commercial service division. At Kensington Glass Arts, we fabricate tempered glasslaminated glass, and tempered laminated glass. Our process-driven approach and ISO 9001 certification support our quality-focused throughout with on-time delivery to exacting standards and details. In addition, KGa offers CNC precision fabrication and complex shapes, annealed laminate, tempered laminate, heat soaking, and crating. If you’re interested in using KGa’s fabricated glass, you can visit our Contact Us page for more information!