Top 5 Reasons to Install Glass Cubicles

Top 5 Reasons to Install Glass Cubicles

KGa’s Top 5 Reasons to Install Glass Cubicles

With the coronavirus pandemic, many offices are looking to re-design their space to better fit the needs of the changing world. Many are looking for office solutions that can protect their employees from disease while keeping a collaborative environment. Enter glass cubicles. Glass cubicles or dividers give your office a modern look while providing other tangible benefits to your employees. Check out our top 5 reasons for why you should install glass cubicles in your office.


Employees have a sense of privacy with the walls around them. Without a physical divider between desks, your employees may feel the need to “look busy” without actually being busy. However, being busy and being productive are not the same thing. Your employees may be quicker to respond to your emails, but they may not taking creative decisions to improve their projects because they do not have time to think.

In addition, employees will feel empowered to decorate and organize their space in a way that works for them. Having an assigned space can make an employee feel empowered over their work environment. Further, glass dividers can help reduce noise and therefore limit distractions your employees may otherwise have.


Glass dividers are truly the best of both worlds. While the literal physical walls help employees feel empowered over their private space, having glass cubicles allows your employees to see their fellow coworkers. Therefore, your employees will feel close in proximity to their coworkers. Studies have shown that proximity helps begin and foster relationships between individuals. If your employees have a positive relationship, it is more likely collaboration and creative decision-making will occur on your projects. With traditional cubicles or with an open office environment, your employees may feel physically and emotionally distant from one another. In turn, employees may not feel empowered to speak their minds. This means that your projects may miss out on creative solutions.


Glass cubicles will allow natural light to enter your office and make your office feel more open. The natural light will help reduce your electric bill. Your office may not need all the lights on at all times with how bright the sunlight is. In addition, glass is recyclable. If you feel the need in the future, you can change your office design without wasting materials. You know your glass will be re-used for other purposes, such as bottles, other glass wall systems, and more.


With glass wall systems, it is easy to re-design your office to fit your needs at the proper moment. You can close off rooms for privacy, or open up the wall system to expand your space. In addition, there are many different types of glass you can install in your office. You can install standard tempered glass for a modern, classic look. You can also install some specialty glass products to make your office have a unique look.


With the coronavirus pandemic, it became clear that open office plans spread disease. Glass dividers between desks or cubicles create a literal, physical barrier between employees. This makes social distancing between your employees much easier.

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