What To Do If Your Glass Door Breaks

What To Do If Your Glass Door Breaks

What To Do if Your Glass Door Breaks

If your glass door breaks, it’s easy to panic about what steps you need to take to fix the situation. We wanted to create a step-by-step guide on what to do, from the immediate clean-up, hiring a contractor, and how to avoid this from happening in the future. Read our guide now for further information!

1. Pick up the broken glass safely

The most important first step is to get rid of the broken glass on the floor and any remaining in the glass in the door. Make sure you’re wearing close-toed shoes (preferably steel-toed), safety gloves, and safety goggles when picking up the glass. Never pick up the glass with your bare hands. Avoid kneeling on the ground, since glass may cut your knees. If you’re wearing safety gloves, you can pick up larger pieces of glass. You can clean up any smaller pieces of glass by using a broom. Put the glass in a container that is unlikely to be broken. For example, a coffee tin, a thick Tupperware bowl, etc. If you don’t have access to this, wrap the glass in a newspaper prior to tossing in a plastic bag.

There are some other less traditional methods to pick up the glass. These methods can be used in the event that you do not own a broom or the glass shattered in the carpet. You can learn more about the potato, bread, and tape method for cleaning up glass here.

2. Find a Contractor

After you’re finished cleaning the glass from the immediate area, it’s time to call a contractor for emergency repairs. While it may be easy to go with the first skilled laborer you find, it’s important to find someone who will provide you the best service and avoid this from happening again. The most important qualities in an emergency glass service contractors are the following:

  • Does the contractor quickly respond to your request?
  • Can the contractor provide a quote for fixing or replacing a glass door?
  • Does the contractor have any certifications?
  • Do they have a positive history of fixing glass doors?

Thankfully, Kensington Glass Arts delivers on all aspects. We understand that when you’re in need of an emergency repair you need a speedy response. Our Commercial Service Division is quick to respond to all requests we receive via phone email, or through our online intake form. After we get further details from you, we can provide a quote. Kensington Glass Arts is an ISO 9001 certified glazier. This means that KGa holds itself to high-quality production standards. In addition, KGa is a Certified Safety Glazing Manufacturer (SGCC). An SGCC certification assures our clientele that we produce the safest glazing products. We’ve worked with several commercial offices in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. To see some of the previous projects we’ve worked on, take a look at our Success Stories page.

3. Take Preventative Measures

Image of someone signing a glass door service contract.

The best way to make sure your glass door does not break is to ensure they are receiving proper care. Kensington Glass Arts offers service contracts, a preventative maintenance for your glass doors and hardware. KGa will schedule annual, bi-annual, or quarterly visits to your business and provide a detailed report of each door we service. In addition, we will complete any minor repairs needed during our appointment. If any parts of your glass door need replacement, we will offer you a discount on the parts and installation. If you want to avoid an emergency call in the future, ask us about our Commercial Service Division contracts.

About Kensington Glass Arts

Kensington Glass Arts is an award-winning commercial glass Fabricator and Installer. In addition, our Commercial Service Division works to service glass doors, hardware, storefronts, shower doors, and more. Our Commercial Service Division can also assist with the glass installation on small projects. We are happy to provide emergency glass repairs to new or returning KGa customers. KGa primarily services businesses in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia. If you’re in need of any emergency glass repairs, you can contact us here or fill out our online intake form now.