What Does a Glazier Do?

What Does a Glazier Do?

What does a glazier do?

One question that is commonly asked by potential new entry-level hires and customers looking for a glass installation is “What does a glazier do?” Glazing is a career with many responsibilities and opportunities for growth. If you’re interested in learning about an ever-growing career path, read our blog article!

Glass Installation

The main responsibility of a glazier is to install glass windows, doors, partitions, walls, skylights, and other glass fixtures in buildings. Different levels of glaziers have different responsibilities. The most entry-level position, a Glass Helper, assists Glass Mechanics with anticipating the needs to complete a glass installation, including materials, labor, and other resources to meet project deadlines. Meanwhile, the higher-level position of Glass Mechanics are responsible for the installation of our contracted projects. This includes gathering all materials, labor, and scaffolding for job sites. Glass Mechanics must be able to read blueprints and specifications for their appropriate projects. Glass Mechanics are responsible for leading small to medium-sized job sites. Glass Mechanics can eventually be promoted to the Lead Glass Mechanic position, where they will run larger, more complex job sites.

All glaziers must be able to read a tape measure to 1/64th of an inch. In addition, all glaziers must be physically able to exert up to 100 lbs of force, have vision clarity at 20 inches or less and 20 feet or more (with or without visual aids), be comfortable in all types of weather, and be prepared for loud noises from the construction sites. In addition, glaziers must travel to client sites for the installations they are assigned to. Glass Helpers do not need significant experience before starting their role, however experience in construction does help. Glass Mechanics and Lead Glass Mechanics are expected to have glass and construction experience, and experience running job sites.

No matter what level of employment one is at, glaziers overall responsibility is to install glass. Glazier jobs are expected to grow by 4% in the next 10 years. Depending on your location, though, this number may differ. In areas with lots of new construction or renovations, there is a higher need for glaziers. If you look around at all the construction in your area, which almost certainly has a lot of interior and exterior glass, glaziers installed it.

Based on KGa’s extensive experience and award-winning recognition, as well as our NACC & ISO 9001 certifications, we offer great opportunities to enter and grow in the glazing field.

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