Make Your Office Design More Efficient

Make Your Office Design More Efficient

3 Ways to Make Your Office Design More Efficient With Glass

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations are looking to reorganize their offices to better fit the needs of their employees. However, some may feel overwhelmed by the many possibilities for your new office design. Finding the optimal office design that is appealing and encourages productivity as well as team collaboration can be difficult. In addition, many know that using glass is integral to modern office design. That’s why Kensington Glass Arts wanted to publish this guide on how to use glass in your office design and help to make your office design more efficient with glass through this article.

1. Stop Using an Open Office, Use Glass Cubicles or Dividers

The open office plan became popular after the 1990s because it was believed to boost creativity, productivity, and collaboration. However, the coronavirus pandemic exposed obvious flaws with this type of office plan. Employees are more likely to spread diseases to one another in an open office plan. In addition, employees at businesses with an open office plan report higher levels of depression and anxiety. In turn, this means more employees are using sick days, causing a loss in productivity and overall business costs. Further, open offices are often noisy and employees may be stressed due to a lack of privacy. Employees may feel additional pressure to “look busy” when actually they are getting less work done.

A good alternative to the fully open office plan is using glass cubicle stackers, desk dividers, or cough guards. Glass creates a separation between employees, which limits the spread of disease in your office. This separation may also help with the lack of privacy. This separation may also help with the perceived lack of privacy and by using a frosted or patterned glass screen it further improves employee sense of separation and ability to focus on head-down work. Having an individual workspace also gives employees a sense of stability and a space to call their own. Dedicated cubicles reduce noise and empower employees’ to personalize their space as they please while having the benefits of an open office. With clear glass, employees can still see one another throughout the office.

2. Install Glass Walls in Your Meeting Rooms to Save Space

Using glass walls for your meeting rooms provides similar benefits to using glass office dividers. Firstly, using glass walls in your meeting rooms still provides natural light. In addition, you get the benefits of privacy in your meetings, while still being able to see what’s happening or who is engaged in the rooms.

Secondarily, installing glass walls for your meeting rooms can save space. Frameless glass can take up an inch or less of floor space compared to traditional drywall partitions. With this saved space, you can either reduce the total office square footage or create spaces that allow employees to move about more. Giving employees that extra bit of space allows them to get some healthy stretching or even moderate exercise into their workday while remaining productive in the office space.

The use of sliding glass doors compared to traditional hinged or swinging doors can further reduce office square footage requirements and promote an open and collaborative workspace.

3. Allow Natural Light and Ventilation in the Office With Glass Windows

Stock image of a skyscraper with glass windows
Image of a skyscraper with glass windows

Depending on where your office is located, sunlight may be a beneficial resource to your location. Allowing natural light into your office can help you save on electric bills because you have the option to utilize the sunlight rather than turning on your office lights as well as boosting employees’ mood. In addition, the glass dividers and partitions discussed earlier help support bringing natural light into your office to further increase the benefits.

On a similar note, having the option to open your glass windows can help with natural ventilation. By choosing to open a window instead of using the AC, you may save money and energy. Having the option to open the windows can also help minimize pollutants or foul odors from the interior of your building through natural ventilation. Multiple studies have found benefits in utilizing natural light in your office. Some studies have found increased productivity when using natural light. In addition, some studies have found that employees who work in offices with sufficient natural light tend to have better sleep habits promoting employee health and productivity.

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