Laminated Glass and Noise Reduction

Laminated Glass and Noise Reduction

If you’re looking for a glass installation that will limit noise transmission, you should consider using laminated glass. Laminated glass provides many benefits, including increased security, reduced noise and light transmission, and protection from natural disasters. Learn more about laminated glass and noise reduction in this blog article now!

What is Laminated Glass?

laminated glass

Laminated glass is fabricated by placing an inner layer such as polyvinyl butyral (PVB), ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), or Thermoplastic Polyurethane (SGP) layer between multiple pieces of glass. The glass is then fused under heat and vacuum, creating a strong and safe form of glass. When laminate glass breaks, the glass sticks to the interlayer. This helps minimize injuries by preventing the glass from turning into projectiles. That’s why laminated glass is often used in car windshields, railings, skylights, curtain walls, glass facades, and more.

How is noise reduction measured?

STC, or the Sound Transmission Coefficient, refers to how well an object blocks or reduces noise. This is measured with a rating scale, where a higher number indicates a higher ability to diminish sound. For your typical interior office tempered glass wall partitions, you can expect an STC of about 32. Laminated glass has an STC of 34, a bit higher than standard tempered glass. This is because the multiple layers deform the sound waves in different ways, muffling the sound even further than a monolithic piece of glass of equal thickness. If the layers of glass are mixed in size, such as a 1/2″ piece with a 3/4″ piece, the sound is even further muffled. This is because the different sizes mix the sound with different effects.

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