Essential Qualities in a Glazier

Essential Qualities in a Glazier

If you’re thinking of starting a career in glass, you may have questions regarding what skills you should have . In this article, we discuss the essential qualities in a glazier to help you determine if you would like to pursue a career in glass!

Basic Math Skills

One of the most important basic math skills a glazier should have is the ability to measure to 1/64th of an inch to measure the length of various types of glass. You could also use basic math skills when taking stock of current resources. In addition, you may use basic math skills when doing general assisting and surveying. While you do not need to know advanced calculus, you should possess the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Ability to Read a Blueprint

image of a pencil and blueprint

Another important skill for glaziers to have is the ability to read a blueprint. Blueprints help ensure that everyone involved in a construction project is aware of the processes necessary for completing a project. Glaziers are expected to read blueprints to help determine the measurements, scope, and labor involvement for a project.

Physical Stamina and Strength

Like many construction jobs, glaziers are required to lift heavy objects. Specifically, glaziers at Kensington Glass Arts must be physically able to exert up to 100 lbs of force occasionally, up to 50 lbs of force frequently, and up to 20 lbs of force constantly. In addition, glaziers sometimes work outdoors during extreme weather conditions.

Mechanical Skills

image of glaziers working on a lift

While most construction and glass jobs will teach you how to operate their machinery after hiring, it helps if you consider yourself a handyman or handywoman. Knowing how to perform basic maintenance gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates in the glass industry.

Learning Repetitive Processes

Many of the skills required in glazing are repetitive and applied over time in slightly different situations to maintain a consistent quality finished product. The ability to learn, remember and ultimately perform more independently are essential skills to advance in a career in glazing.

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