Benefits of Pursuing a Construction Career

Benefits of Pursuing a Construction Career

October has been deemed Careers in Construction Month by Build Your Future. Over the course of this month, Kensington Glass Arts (KGa) wanted to share various articles about working in the construction industry. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, the construction industry has over 680,000 employers with seven million employees and creates $1.3 billion worth of structures each year. Earlier this year, KGa wrote an article on How To Get Started in the Construction Industry. In this article, we discussed the skills needed in the construction industry, schooling, apprenticeships, and finding jobs. However, we did not discuss the benefits of pursuing a career in the construction industry. Read more for our top reasons to work in the construction industry!

a KGa employee working on the line with a hard hat on during Construction Appreciation Week

Relaxed Work Environment

Many of us do not want to wear a suit and tie every day to work. When you work in the construction industry, you trade the business-casual slacks and blazer for safety glasses, hard hats, safety vests, and steel-toed boots. Most KGa employees show up to work in jeans, an appropriate t-shirt, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our employees are encouraged to dress comfortably to do their job to the best of their ability.

Physical Fitness

When you’re working in the construction industry, you are bending and lifting heavy objects. This type of movement each workday helps build your stamina, muscles, and help your cardiovascular health. Construction work can provide the equivalent of walking briskly at 4.0 MPH, or as extreme as swimming. In addition, you often have to work outdoors getting additional Vitamin D.

Easy to Get Started

Getting into a construction career is easy to start at any age. In high school, you can begin taking classes in welding, construction technology, woodworking, and more. If your class is taught by an NCCER certified craft instructor, you have the opportunity to earn credentials. If you’ve just graduated from high school, you have the opportunity to enter trade school. At trade school, you’ll be able to learn the skills you need in your future construction career.

You do not need a college degree to start your construction career. In fact, at Kensington Glass Arts, you do not need a degree to apply for any of our positions. However, a degree is preferred in some of our administrative jobs, such as finance, HR, and any marketing positions. However, getting a college degree in construction management or another related field can help get your in a project administrator or project manager position sooner.

Growing Industry

Construction is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. In fact, the number of glazier employment opportunities is expected to increase by 4% by 2026. This growth is not only increasing the number of jobs in the construction field, but also construction salaries. Construction salaries are expected to rise by 3.55% in 2020.

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