Women in Construction Week 2019

Women in Construction Week 2019

Celebrating the Women of Kensington Glass Arts, Inc.

March 4th-9th is Women in Construction Week, a week established by the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) dedicated to celebrating women who have chosen a career in the male-dominated field of construction. The NAWIC reports that only about 9.1% of the construction workforce is composed of women (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017) but that number is expected to increase to 25% by 2020 (Ellis, 2018). KGa saw a total increase of 73.6% in their female workforce from 2018 to 2019. Despite the large increase, the ladies of KGa only account for 16% of the entire KGa workforce.  A career in construction offers a variety of benefits for women including one of the lowest pay gaps in the nation. The national average pay gap in the United States is about 81.1% but the pay gap for women in construction is only 95.7%! Events like Women in Construction Week attempt to bring to light the benefits of working in the construction industry and showcase the women who have encountered challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field.

KGa is excited to showcase the women who are a part of making KGa great. Check out our social media channels this week to learn more about the women who work for KGa. Interested in joining the team yourself? Visit http://bit.ly/2JInJkS to see all of our current openings and maybe YOU can be part of Women in Construction Week 2020!


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