The Benefits of Glass During Winter

The Benefits of Glass During Winter

During the winter months staying warm and healthy are some of the most valuable dimensions of personal wellness to maintain. Everyone wants to enjoy the holidays in a comfortable, visually appealing home or office. That’s why Kensington Glass Arts wants to discuss the importance of using glass in your exterior and interior design. Learn more and explore why glass is the perfect construction element to add to any building to keep you, your employees, and your family happy and healthy during the winter.

Solar Power Encourages Warmer and Healthier Buildings

Large surfaces of glass increase your solar gain. Solar gain refers to the increase of thermal energy due to solar radiation. During daylight hours, you’ll find that glass windows will help keep your building warm – something extremely valuable during these cold months.

In addition, many studies have concluded that allowing natural light in your office will increase employee productivity, encourage better sleep habits, and promote overall employee health. This year-round benefit is especially important during winter when problems like Seasonal Affective Disorder are on the rise. Seasonal Affective Disorder is often treated with light therapy, so allowing natural light within your office may prevent employees from suffering from this disorder.

Visually Appealing

When the winter snow hits the ground for the first time, it’s easy to want to stay indoors with a nice cup of warm coffee. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beautiful view! Having glass windows allows you to see and enjoy the beautiful snowy weather without worrying about the harsh and cold climate outdoors.

Prevent the Spread of Flu and Other Diseases

A desk with glass cough guards installed

One unfortunate thing synonymous with the winter months is the spread of the flu, common cold, and other diseases. However, by using glass partitions within your office space, diseases become more difficult to spread. Glass partitions prevent airborne pathogens from spreading amongst employees. Similar to your car windshield protecting you from the outside winter elements, a glass partition prevents your fellow employees’ cough or sneeze from reaching you. In addition, glass partitions create a forced, socially distant barrier. This can help make customers and employees feel safer during these disease-spreading months.

So if you’re in the process of designing a building, home, or office that needs to withstand the harsh winter elements, consider using glass in both your interior and exterior design. You’ll find that glass can help create a meaningful, safe, and beautiful space for all to enjoy.

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