OSHA 10 Training: Not Just for Field Workers

OSHA 10 Training: Not Just for Field Workers

OSHA 10 Training: Not Just for Field Workers

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc.’s Commitment to Safety Goes Above and Beyond by Requiring OSHA 10 Training for All Employees

While only my second week on the job, the idea that safety comes first at KGa was not lost on me. Being a Digital Marketing Specialist, workplace safety was never really on my mind, not until I started at KGa where I was informed that as part of my on-boarding process I would be required to complete OSHA 10 training.  OSHA10 training provides workers with basic and advanced knowledge about common safety hazards on the job, and as a result, I attended the class with three field workers and one other in-office worker. The mix of different experiences made for an exciting and insightful two days.

Who Teaches OSHA 10?

The training was led by KGa’s Safety Manager and OSHA Outreach Trainer, Eric Mehaffie. OSHA Outreach Trainers must meet industry safety experience requirements and complete a training course in the application of OSHA standards as well as a training course to become an authorized trainer. OSHA’s safety experience requirements ensure that your Outreach Trainer is well-informed and familiar with the application of OSHA standards in the workplace. Eric provided numerous examples throughout the class of scenarios he had seen in the field, and this helped enhance the class for those of us who might not be in the field experiencing safety do’s and don’ts on a regular basis.

What Topics are Covered During OSHA 10 Training?

Some of the topics covered during our OSHA10 training included PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), how to file an OSHA Complaint and of course, the Construction Focus Four (also known as the Fatal Four). The majority of our time was spent on The Focus Four. The Focus Four are the top four hazards that occur in the workplace; this includes Fall Hazards, Caught Between Hazards, Struck By Hazards and Electrocution Hazards. What I found most enriching during the OSHA 10 training was the participation by the field workers that I shared the classroom with. The guys shared some interesting stories about what they are seeing in the field and what precautions they are taking to avoid the dangers of The Focus Four, whether it be wearing the appropriate PPE for the job or calling a “time-out” to regroup and find a safer solution to a problem. The participation of my classmates gave me a lot of insight into what our crews are working on everyday and just how dangerous their jobs can be IF the appropriate precautions are not taken; luckily, we now all posses the knowledge needed to perform our jobs safely thanks to OSHA 10 training.

My Takeaways

I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in an OSHA 10 training. While the curriculum is focused on safety in the construction field, I found that many of the OSHA standards can easily be applied to my daily life. Now that I have completed OSHA 10 training I feel like I am on the lookout for safety hazards in my home and feel committed to correcting unsafe practices. The job of a Digital Marketer may not be dangerous, but there are times where I may have to walk a job-site or the plant to get pictures for a social media post or blog; now, with my OSHA 10 Certification I can do so safely!