KGa and Building Envelope

KGa and Building Envelope

KGa and Building Envelope

-Jim Rathbone

Kensington Glass Art, Inc (KGa) is happy to introduce our most recent expansion into the Building Envelope market. 

The first question many ask is “what does that mean?  Hasn’t KGa always been a supplier of storefront and aluminum products?”  And the answer is YES!  While KGa has always been a leader in providing building entry facades for renovation of lobbies and equally involved in providing aluminum doors for entrances, this new endeavor dramatically changes the face of what KGa has to offer.

Building Envelope work is an expansion into a particularly different arena of work.  This expansion includes, but is not limited to, multi-story curtainwalls, unitized curtainwalls, and metal panel systems.  This can, in many cases, encompass the entire exterior skin of a building and can be defined as the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of a building including the resistance to air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer.  This makes our participation in this part of the building construction or renovation significantly more important.  This work requires coordination with multiple engineers and other trades to get the desired results.  Failure to pay attention to the details can lead to challenges with water and noise penetrations.  Equally important is the focus on the energy efficiency of the entire space.

KGa takes this responsibility very seriously and has hired an entire team of seasoned professionals.  From estimating to project management and all the way through the installation, we have a combined experience of more than 150 years doing this type of work.

Our Building Envelope Sales Manager, Douglas Sharpes work to develop the correct strategy and select the appropriate projects for this new direction.

We are proud to continue to be a growing part of the “built environment”.