How to Use Glass for Interior Design

How to Use Glass for Interior Design

Using Glass for Interior Design

Whether you are an architect constructing a new building or looking to remodel your office, it is likely you have researched different design elements to bring your facilities together. One common design element that you may consider is the use of glass. Glass can be used on windows, doors, walls, roofs, room dividers, and other unique design elements. In this article, Kensington Glass Arts would like to discuss the benefits of utilizing interior glass for interior and exterior design purposes.

Natural Light

Glass allows for natural light to enter rooms and create an open, inviting, environment. Using glass windows can give you a view of the outdoors. In some cases, it can completely change the interior of a building. A job that KGa won the ABC Baltimore Excellence Award for involved interior glazing for a historic building. While previous construction made the building dim, KGa’s interior glass made the building more well-light and inviting. You can view our interview Jeremiah Gillian, Director of KGa’s Baltimore Division, below.

Kensington Glass Arts –
ABC Baltimore Excellence Awards

Natural Ventilation

When glass windows open it lets air from the outdoors into your building. While doing this may not be ideal in all types of weather or buildings, it is a great way to bring in oxygen. In addition, opening your windows allows you to get rid of any pollutants or unpleasant smells indoors. If you opt to not turn on the A/C, then you also save energy and money.

Accent Pieces

The lounge of Sidley Austin in Washington DC. The glass depicts a grid of the DC streets.
Sidley Austin – Glass wall that depicts the streets of Washington D.C.

Sometimes, glass serves as a statement piece. For example, this iconic glass piece was installed by KGa at Sidley Austin in Washington, D.C. The glass that KGa installed in the lounge depicted a grid of the D.C. streets. This glass was provided by McGory Glass. This piece has sentimental value due to its depiction of the city. In addition, it serves as an interesting accent piece for the Sidley Austin lounge.

An art piece at the Reston Town Center in front of Leidos. A large mirror sits on the ceiling with various circular crystals hanging below.
Reston Town Center – Ceiling Mirror Install

Glass can also serve as a tasteful art installation. KGa installed the mirror above this crystal art installation at the Reston Town Center for Leidos. KGa employees had to work upside down for this installation. However, the additional crystal pieces near the entrance made the entryway to Leidos stand out for its sophistication.

Interesting Wall Dividers

The HNTB headquarters. An office meeting room with yellow and brown chairs, a yellow wall, and a foldable glass wall divider.
HNTB – Foldable Glass Walls

Glass wall dividers provide a modern aesthetic in comparison to the typical drywall. At Kensington Glass Arts, we can install standard glass room dividers or more unique pieces. For example, at HNTB we created a stacking wall system that allows for the glass wall to “fold”. This contemporary and functional glass wall divider allows for the meeting room to open up for additional space.


There is a misconception that having glass windows or doors on your building makes it more vulnerable to break-ins or shattering due to weather. However, heavy tempered glass is an extremely durable material. Tempered glass is specifically treated in a way to prevent the glass from breaking. Tempered glass is five times stronger and more heat resistant than non-tempered glass. When heavy tempered glass does shatter, it does so in a way to minimize any potential injury. In addition, using glass allows you to see any threats in your area very clearly. Therefore, the durability and practicality of tempered glass can often make your facilities more secure. In addition, laminated glass can add an extra layer of security.

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