Ensuring Quality and Efficiency

Ensuring Quality and Efficiency

Ensuring Quality and Efficiency

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. | NACC Certified Contract Glazier

In September of 2016, Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. became the only glass glazing company in Maryland to become certified by the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) program. Not only is KGa the only company in the state, we are also one of only 16 companies to receive an NACC certification. An NACC certification ensures that a company produces a quality product efficiently and safely, these are key focuses of KGa’s business model so pursuing an NACC certification was a no-brainer.

Qualities of a Certified Contract Glazier: 3 Components of NACC Certification

The NACC certification ensures that a company produces and installs quality products safely and efficiently. The main components reviewed by the program are:

  1. Business Practices
    Examples of Business Practices Reviewed:

    • Code of Ethics
    • Contractor Experience
    • Professional References
  1. Quality & Competency
    Examples of Quality & Competency reviewed:

    • Quality Management Systems
    • Field and shop quality processes
    • Competency of personnel
  1. Safety
    Examples of Safety practices reviewed:

    • Field and shop safety
    • Health and safety of work environment
    • Substance abuse screening and supplemental training

The NACC Process

The NACC process begins with an application for certification. Along with the application, supporting documentation like professional references, documentation of insurance etc. is also submitted. Once NACC receives the application with the supporting documents they complete an onsite assessment. The company must show evidence of compliance in a variety of categories throughout the onsite assessment. Upon completion of the assessment a copy of the findings is provided to the company which will include any requests for corrective action. If a corrective action is requested the company must complete the action to continue the certification process. The last step of the certification process is a review by AMS (Administrative Management Systems, Inc) the certifying body of the program. Once completed the company will receive their NACC certification and be listed as a certified company on the NACC website.

Ensuring Excellence

KGa is proud to be an NACC certified contract glazier. An NACC certification communicates to our clients that we strive for excellence in the quality of our products and the safety of our employees. The NACC certification process was a rewarding experience and helped strengthen our mission of quality and safety. To learn more about the NACC certification program you can visit their website. www.naccprogram.com.