David Bibb

Dave Bibb | Vice President of Manufacturing at KGa

David Bibb

Vice President of Manufacturing

David Bibb is one of the newer members of our management team having traded up from his previous position in 2013. He has assumed control over re-making and expanding our rapidly growing fabrication operations.

He has dozens of years of manufacturing experience, everything from computers to truck bodies to vinyl and aluminum windows. In his last job, he had over 800 people under him. He came to KGa for the atmosphere and the culture and brings all his Lean Manufacturing, Five S, Six Sygma and ISO processes with him. He’s rapidly revolutionizing how manufacturing is done at KGa and won’t stop until we reach perfection.

In May of 2018, Dave Bibb and his manufacturing team were granted the prestigious ISO9001:2015 certification. Read about it here.