John Reichlin President

John Reichlin: CFO

John Reichlin President of Kensington Glass Arts

After serving as our Chief Operations Officer for several months, John Reichlin is excited to accept the position of President of Kensington Glass Arts. John plans to take KGa to the next level by extending the company into new geographic markets and expanding current product lines.

Relationship with Kensington Glass Arts

In August of 2020, John joined Kensington Glass Arts as our Chief Operations Officer. In November of 2020, John was promoted to President. Prior to accepting these positions, John served as an independent consultant to KGa as early as 2006.

“I am very excited to be a part of the KGa team,” states Reichlin. “David and his team have done an incredible job of building KGa into a regional leader in commercial glazing and fabrication. I look forward to the opportunity to work with the team at KGa to further expand our geographic reach and to continue to build our product lines and service capabilities”.

Previous Experience

John Reichlin previously served as President of Hearn Kirkwood, a manufacturer, and distributor of food products. John was a founding member of Strategic Partners, LLC, a consulting firm focused on profit improvement of middle-market companies. In addition, John served as an outsourced Chief Financial Officer for various organizations in the construction, manufacturing, and distribution industries.