Jeremiah Gillin

Jeremiah Gillin: Vice President of the Contract Division

After years of work with KGa we are proud to promote, Jeremiah Gillin to our Vice President of the Contract Division. Jeremiah’s goal within his role is to improve performance and eliminate waste in our Contract Glazing Division. Jeremiah plans to achieve this with his superior job site management and improving submittal processes.

Jeremiah’s Relationship With KGa

Jeremiah started at Kensington Glass Arts in 2014 as a project manager. During this time, Jeremiah ran several notable jobs such as the Exelon building, The Washington Post, LMI, and Capital One. Many of these projects have been recognized with ABC awards and featured in notable trade magazines, as well as bringing milestone accomplishments in the growth of Kensington Glass Arts.

In 2017, Jeremiah helped start the Baltimore Division with only 2 office staff members and 12 field staff. Today, our Baltimore Division has 8 office staff members and 28 field staff. In addition, the Baltimore Division moved from a mere 6,000 square foot facility to a large 16,000 square foot facility to support the team’s growth and broader capabilities and scope accepted.

Jeremiah Gillin’s Prior Experience

Prior to arriving at KGa, Jeremiah worked nearly 7 years at another glazing company in Frederick. Jeremiah worked at this organization as a shop metal fabricator, then switch positions to the safety officer, then later draftsman, and finally project manager providing him with a foundation of expertise which he continues to build upon today.