Jeanne Enders | Senior Project Administrator

Jeanne Enders | Senior Project Administrator

Jeanne Enders | Senior Project Administrator

I Didn’t Choose the Construction Industry, the Construction Industry Chose Me

Meet Jeanne Enders, the Senior Project Administrator at Kensington Glass Arts. Jeanne has been a part of the KGa team for 3 years and was kind enough to take the time to talk about what she does as the Senior Project Administrator and how she got into the construction field.

1. What does a day in the life of a Senior Project Administrator for KGa look like?

There’s hardly any 2 days that are the same, but there are many same things in a day. At the moment, I’m helping the Fannie Mae team complete their project so much of my day is spent checking in on progress updates, writing purchase orders and delivery work orders, and making sure the team has what they need on site. I also answer any questions any of the Project Administrators or Project Managers have about our applications or processes. I also help my supervisor with anything he needs help with, be it reports, spreadsheets, or sitting in on a meeting.

2. Why did you choose a career in construction?

As a Psychology major, I didn’t choose the construction career, the construction career chose me. After working with severely emotionally disturbed adolescents and recovering adolescent addicts for a couple of years, I took a temp job at Bechtel. I ended up staying there for 13 years and found my niche for multi—tasking and organization. I’ve brought those skills to KGa and built some new ones with regards to understanding the construction business.

3. How many women work in your department?

If you consider my department to be Contract Management, then there are 5 women in the department, one Project Manager, 3 Project Administrators, and myself.

4. What do you love about working at KGa?

Oh wow, I love just about everything about working at KGa. I love how involved I’m allowed to be in so many different aspects of the construction process. I love how supportive my boss is of my ideas and how encouraging he is of me exploring new ideas and territory. I love how, for the most part, the women here really support each other and help each other out. I love how approachable management is and how much they care about the company and the employees.