Eduardo Nuñez Employee Spotlight

Eduardo Nuñez Employee Spotlight

From Seam & Wash to Director of Manufacturing Eduardo Nuñez’s Journey With KGa

Twelve years of dedicated service and a plethora of various roles later, Eduardo (Eddie) Nuñez shares his journey from part-time Seam & Wash Technician to Director of Manufacturing.

The summer of 2006, Eddie joined the Kensington Glass Arts team as a part-time Seam & Wash Technician. By day, Eddie worked the 6am-noon shift at the KGa fabrication facility and by night he was pursuing his degree in Business Management at Howard Community College. His plan was to earn his degree and eventually run his own business. As it turned out, he loved working at KGa so much that he decided to make it a career. He shares that he “didn’t choose the skilled trades, the skilled trades chose him.” Spending six years on the fabrication floor, Eddie got a chance to work in every department, gaining knowledge and experience with each role. Eventually, in 2015 he was offered the opportunity to work in sales where he went from Customer Service to Sales Manager in less than 2 years. From his role as Sales Manager, Eddie took over production as Production Supervisor/Scheduler which ultimately led to his current role as Director of Manufacturing.

Eddie graciously took some time to chat about his career journey within KGa.

  • Q: What is your current job title and responsibilities?
    • A. As the Director of Manufacturing, I am responsible for ensuring a safe work environment, increasing quality, reducing scrap, increasing production and ensuring a clean shop, as well as acting as a purchasing agent and master scheduler.
  • Q: How has your perception of the construction industry changed since you began working at KGa?
    • A: I came into the industry with no perception of the industry. I came thinking that I would be a great work opportunity until I finish college, get a degree and run my own business. Working here for 12 years, I have had many roles and was able to adapt them and learn many trades.
  • Q: What do you love about your job?
    • A: The daily challenges on how to improve safety, quality and productivity and the culture I have been able to build on the floor. The culture of caring about the employees and keeping our business profitable.
  • Q: What is the biggest challenge of your job?
    • A: time and not being able to slow it down!
  • Q: What career advice would you give to a high school student struggling to decide whether to pursue a typical college degree or pursue a career in the skilled trades?
    • A: Looking at the statistics on how many students are graduating and not being able to find a job with thousands of dollars in student debt and looking at my path with no student debt, I would say look for a trade you want to do and work yourself up. Companies see potential and will invest in your training and give you opportunities to advance over time. I was one of the lucky employees, working for a company that invested in training and gave me the resources to advance in my career. Now at 30 years of age, I’m mentally ready to continue my education and return the investment back to the company.

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. is always on the lookout for motivated individuals who want to build a future within the commercial glazing or glass fabrication trade. We have employees who began as part-time seam & wash technicians and are now running the entire fabrication department (you can check out Eddie’s story here.)! These employees are a testament to the career paths offered by starting your career at KGa. KGa’s motto is “The Future of Glass” and for good reason, we continue to push the envelope and make the impossible, possible. If you are ready to make the leap, please visit, to see a full list of open positions and get ready to Be Part of the Future of Glass!