Employee Spotlight | Winston Dozier

Employee Spotlight | Winston Dozier

From Glass Helper to Field Superintendent

Winston Dozier’s Journey with KGa

Winston Dozier began his career with Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. in the fall of 2001. In his time with KGa, Winston has climbed up the ranks from Glass Helper to Field Superintendent, now supervising staff in the field and keeping up with the fast-paced schedules of each job site. Here is his story.

In September of 2001, Winston came to work for KGa as a Glass Helper. He credits his decision to work for KGa to a former employee who introduced him to the contract glazing trade. Winston saw it as a great opportunity to learn a trade without having to pay for schooling, which is rare. Learning the trade through on-the-job training, Winston was able to start his career without going into tremendous amounts of debt, much like the typical college student. Winston entered the construction industry with little to no perception of the industry but quickly realized the long-term career opportunities that KGa had to offer. Fast forward 18 years later and Winston is now a Field Superintendent with the Red Team out of KGa-Baltimore. Winston’s team recently completed work on the new Capital One Headquarters in Tysons, VA. You can read more about that project here.

As a Field Superintendent, Winston says his biggest challenge is “managing the different personalities of the field staff” and, “keeping up with the accelerated schedules of the job sites.” Despite its challenges, Winston says he loves the fact that he can introduce youth and minorities to careers in the commercial glazing industry through his position. When asked what career advice he would give to high school students struggling to decide whether to pursue a typical college degree or a career in the skilled trades, Winston says he would advise them to pursue higher education if they can afford to. “Try not to waste your degree. I see so many college graduates that have degrees that aren’t being put to use after graduation. Don’t put yourself in debt for most of your life for something you’re not utilizing.” His final piece of advice is this, “if you’re not sure about college, try the commercial glazing industry! College isn’t going anywhere, you can always pursue your education at another time” Winston continues to say, “it’s hard work, dedication and rewarding to work in the contract glazing trade.” We couldn’t agree more! Thank you for sharing your story, Winston!

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. is always on the lookout for motivated individuals who want to build a future within the commercial glazing or glass fabrication trade. We have employees who began as part-time seam & wash technicians and are now running the entire fabrication department (you can check out Eddie’s story here.)! These employees are a testament to the career paths offered by starting your career at KGa. KGa’s motto is “The Future of Glass” and for good reason, we continue to push the envelope and make the impossible, possible. If you are ready to make the leap, please visit, http://bit.ly/2JInJkS to see a full list of open positions and get ready to Be Part of the Future of Glass!