Employee Spotlight | Tim Hillyard

Employee Spotlight | Tim Hillyard

From Seam & Wash Technician to Lead Tempering Oven Operator

Tim Hillyard’s Journey With KGa

In his 4 years with Kensington Glass Arts, Lead Tempering Oven Operator, Tim Hillyard has presented himself as an invaluable member of the KGa Fabrication department. Learn more about Tim’s career with KGa below.

Tim Hillyard got his start with KGa in the Spring of 2015 when he accepted the role of Seam & Wash Technician. When asked how he got started in the skilled trades, Tim replied “I fell into it.” He continues, “I had left a position as a coffee expert for Starbucks and was looking for something new when someone told me to apply at KGa.” Tim hadn’t worked in a factory setting since he built aluminum enclosure panels over 15 years ago but thought, why not? 

Now as the Lead Tempering Oven Operator, Tim supervises the operation of the tempering oven as well as the seam and wash departments in addition to checking the quality of the finished glass and keeping it organized to assist the loaders. Tim is the employee who the other operators depend on to answer questions and concerns about the oven. He is also responsible for working closely with the maintenance department to keep the oven in good working condition. When asked what the biggest challenge of his job is, Tim shares “the biggest challenge, and one of the most engaging aspects of my job is all of the changes.” He continues, “the shop floor has changed dramatically since I’ve been here and the flow of glass to the oven changes dramatically with every new piece of machinery.” Despite its challenges, Tim shares what he loves about his position is that it’s like being in a restaurant without the stress of dealing with customers. He shares, “I bake some good-looking glass, expo (organize) it for the servers (loaders) and keep my cooking device (tempering oven) clean and maintained.”

 When asked what kind of advice he’d give to a high school student struggling with whether they should go into the skilled trades or pursue a traditional college degree Tim says, “I’d tell them to join the workforce.” He continues to say, “if they’re uncertain about what they want in a career after college then they shouldn’t waste the money on a fancy document that will sit in a box with some old photos, their high school diploma and yearbooks.” Tim’s approach to college is that if you find something you like to do and want to advance in it you can always go back to college. His final piece of advice is “you can always go to school, just make sure it’s worth it.” Thanks Tim for taking the time to share your story with us!

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. is always on the lookout for motivated individuals who want to build a future within the commercial glazing or glass fabrication trade. We have employees who began as part-time seam & wash technicians and are now running the entire fabrication department (you can check out Eddie’s story here.)! These employees are a testament to the career paths offered by starting your career at KGa. KGa’s motto is “The Future of Glass” and for good reason, we continue to push the envelope and make the impossible, possible. If you are ready to make the leap, please visit, http://bit.ly/2JInJkS to see a full list of open positions and get ready to Be Part of the Future of Glass