Employee Spotlight Juan Mendoza

Employee Spotlight Juan Mendoza

Employee Spotlight Juan Mendoza

This month, Kensington Glass Arts (KGa) would like to spotlight our 1st Shift Supervisor, Juan Mendoza. Prior to his employment at KGa, Juan worked as a CDL Truck Driver in Mexico. Juan started at KGa in 2005 working in our cutting department. Through Juan’s hard work, he was promoted to his 1st Shift Supervisor position. To learn more about what Juan’s typical workday is like, continue reading this article.

Juan’s Day

Juan starts his day at 5:30 AM before the start of each shift. Juan spends the early morning hours getting the shop floor ready for the day. Throughout the day, Juan keeps production flowing by following the set plan by our Master Scheduler, Manual Jimenez. Juan also works to keep everyone as safe as possible while performing their job duties. Further, Juan inspects the glass quality to ensure the quality is perfect. Typically, Juan stays at the KGa facilities between 8 and 10 hours each workday. Overall, Juan says the most important responsibilities of his job include safety, quality, and productivity.

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Juan Mendoza’s Favorite Part of His Job

Juan says that his favorite part of the job is training his fellow team members. In addition, Juan enjoys seeing KGa grow and implement new machinery to increase productivity and customer demands. One such growth Juan has been able to witness is the addition of our Glaston RC350 Tempering Furnace in 2017.

A time-lapse video of the installation of the Glaston RC350 Tempering Furnace in KGa’s Ijamsville facility.

When we asked Juan about whether one should pursue a skilled trades career or further your education, Juan said you need to put a lot of thought into your career. “I believe with education more doors will open after a couple of years of work experience,” he explains. However, this schooling does not always mean going to college. For example, you can attend a trade school to advance your knowledge of the skilled trades industry. Juan admits that started his career in the construction industry because “I saw the many ways I could help and grow”.

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