Employee Spotlight | Jeanne Enders

Employee Spotlight | Jeanne Enders

From Project Administrator to Senior Project Administrator

Jeanne Enders’ Journey with KGa

In her 5 years with Kensington Glass, Senior Project Administrator Jeanne Enders has proven her ability to support a large team of Directors, Project Managers and Project Administrators. Read more about Jeanne’s career journey with KGa.

After receiving her degree in Psychology, Jeanne began working with severely emotionally disturbed adolescents and adolescent addicts.  The career was demanding and eventually Jeanne needed a break, so she sought employment through a temp agency. When asked what led her to choose a career in construction she responds, “I’m in the I didn’t choose the career, the career chose me camp.” The temp agency placed her with a large construction company in Frederick as a Project Secretary and that is where she found her niche. She says, “I am an organizer at heart, and project administration provided me the perfect outlet for that.”

In May of 2014, Jeanne Enders came to work for KGa by accepting a position as a Project Administrator. At the time, the Project Administrator role was new, and its function was intended to support the assigned Project Manager (there were only two at the time). Now the Senior Project Administrator, Jeanne’s responsibilities include supporting the Vice President of Project Management, training new Project Management employees (Directors, Project Managers, Project Administrators etc.) in KGa’s processes and procedures, creating and implementing KGa processes and procedures, and providing guidance and support to the Project Administrators. The biggest challenge Jeanne faces in her role is that she is often pulled in many different directions. Between the KGa-Baltimore, KGa-Frederick and KGa-Ijamsville offices, it is not uncommon for Jeanne to visit all of them in the same day. She shares, “it can be a challenge to balance the expectations of others and my expectations of myself and find the time to meet then all.” Although it has it challenges, Jeanne says her favorite part of her job is being part of the shaping of KGa’s future. “When I first started we had two Project Management teams and fewer than 100 employees total, field and office combined. We’ve grown to almost 200 total employees and we’re looking to grow more. As we expand, so must our standards and expectations. I like feeling like I have a say in what the future, both mine and KGa’s holds.”

Finding her calling within the construction field, Jeanne was asked what advice she would provide a high school student struggling to decide whether to pursue a typical college degree or a career in the skilled trades and she responded, “both are good bets, but it depends on where the individual’s skills and passions lie.” She continues, “honestly if you’re good with your hands and have a talent for construction it’s a good field in which to make a career.” Thank you for taking the time to share your story Jeanne!

Kensington Glass Arts, Inc. is always on the lookout for motivated individuals who want to build a future within the commercial glazing or glass fabrication trade. We have employees who began as part-time seam & wash technicians and are now running the entire fabrication department (you can check out Eddie’s story here.)! These employees are a testament to the career paths offered by starting your career at KGa. KGa’s motto is “The Future of Glass” and for good reason, we continue to push the envelope and make the impossible, possible. If you are ready to make the leap, please visit, http://bit.ly/2JInJkS to see a full list of open positions and get ready to Be Part of the Future of Glass!