Employee Spotlight | Fatima Campbell

Employee Spotlight | Fatima Campbell

From Project Administrator to Assistant Project Manager

Fatima Campbell’s Journey with KGa

Fatima Campbell began her career with Kensington Glass Arts in August of 2016. Since then, Fatima has quickly made a positive impact on her team and is now an Assistant Project Manager.

Prior to beginning her career with KGa, Fatima was working as a Project Manager with a bio-science firm. When offered an opportunity to join the team at KGa, Fatima recognized that the responsibilities of her new role would be much like her role as a PM in the bio-science field, but in a brand-new field. She says, “the only change was the venue and the players.” Fatima viewed this new position as an opportunity instead of a challenge, and an exciting one at that!  Her decision to come to KGa was influenced by having the opportunity to “take a chance on learning a new trade”.   Being a totally different field, “the construction industry gave [her] a wide depth of field to see something from the ground up, much like seeing something from a microscope to a tangible product.” She continues to say, “focusing on glass proved to be fascinating, the varied chemical composition of glass itself has been amazing to learn!” Although Fatima left the bio-science field, it was clear the bio-science field had not left her.

Eventually Fatima’s skills and experience as a Project Manager lead her to her current role as an Assistant Project Manager. As an Assistant PM, Fatima supports the Project Manager with carrying a project from the submittal stages all the way to the project closeout. The biggest challenges she faces each day is navigating the many personalities she interacts with daily while focusing on getting the job done despite the typical set-backs. Even though her role can be challenging, she shares that she loves seeing “the art that we make on such a large and sometimes small scale.”

When asked how her perception of construction has changed since beginning her career with KGa, Fatima states “my acuity has changed from not knowing much about the terms, regulations and sciences that go into building itself and has made me more aware of the players, varied trades and the challenges we face in the construction industry.” She no longer sees a building as just a building anymore, instead, she sees all the parts that make that building into a work of art.

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