Employee Spotlight | Dennis Alarcon

Employee Spotlight | Dennis Alarcon

Becoming a Lead Glass Mechanic

Dennis Alarcon’s Career Journey with KGa

In the fall of 2013, Dennis Alarcon accepted a position as a Glass Mechanic at KGa. In his six years with the company, Dennis has continually exhibited strong attention to detail and leadership in the field, which has led him to earning his current title of Lead Glass Mechanic. Continue reading to learn more about Dennis’ career journey with KGa.

In 2007, a fresh-out-of-high school Dennis accepted his first Glazing position, offered by his cousin. He thought it might be an interesting job, so he stuck it out. He shares, “now, 12 years later I am so happy I stuck with it and I’m proud to say I’m a glazier.” His enthusiasm and love for his job made him an asset to the KGa-Blue Team where is now a Lead Glass Mechanic.

As a Lead Glass Mechanic, Dennis is responsible for acquiring glass dimensions, keeping track of the materials on each job site and “coordinating with [his] colleagues to make sure [they] understand the task [at hand].” He shares that the biggest challenge he faces in his role is contending with tight deadlines and “making sure I do not make any mistakes field measuring, I don’t like messing up.” Dennis’ attention to detail helps him to avoid mistakes which would ultimately lead to delays in the completion of projects. He knows this is not an option as he describes the deadlines as “unbelievable, they keep getting shorter and shorter!” Despite the challenges, Dennis shares what he loves most about his position is the hours. “I get in early and get out early!” shares Dennis.

When asked what advice he would give to a high school student struggling with the decision to seek out a typical college degree or a career in the skilled trades he replied, “I have always said attending college is something planned years before graduation. It’s not something you can quickly decide. I would tell them that it’s going to take time, money and a lot of hard work to achieve their college goals.” He continues, “I would highly recommend choosing a skilled trade. They have plenty of options to choose from and trades are now offering apprenticeship programs that will help students with school and guarantee a job during and after which would be far cheaper than school loans!”

Thank you, Dennis for sharing your story!