Employee Spotlight on Connie Hardy

Employee Spotlight on Connie Hardy

Employee Spotlight | Connie Hardy

Orange Team Project Manager

This month, we’d like to honor Connie Hardy, also known to KGa by Connie Denman. Connie is the Orange Team Project Manager at Kensington Glass Arts. While we have previously interviewed Connie for Women In Construction Week, we wanted to give Connie the opportunity to take the spotlight. Read more about Connie’s experience at KGa here!

Connie’s Career Start

Connie had previous experience within the residential glass industry prior to her arrival at KGa. When we asked Connie why she wanted to work in the glass industry, she explained “I kind of just fell into it,”. Working in the glass industry allowed Connie to spend more time with her children. However, Connie wanted to experience the commercial aspect of the glass industry. That’s why Connie began working at Kensington Glass Arts in 2007. During this time, she worked in the fabrication sales department. Connie primarily focused on strengthening client communication.

In addition, Connie began working in logistics. Connie handled the scheduling of deliveries and drop-offs to KGa facilities. After some time with the company, Connie began working on KGa’s accounting tasks for the fabrication department.

During her time in the fabrication sales department, Connie began managing the Kensington Glass Arts Service Department. As Connie began to take on larger projects, she shifted her position to Project Management. Since being moved solely to Project Management, Connie and her team have successfully completed projects ranging from small to their largest (which they are currently still on) that is nearing the $6 million mark.

Connie Hardy’s Day

Connie considers herself very organized. She starts her day by tracking employee locations. She does this to protect her employees from workplace hazards. After, Connie will check her email and voicemail and return messages. Once Connie has ordered the messages by priority, Connie creates a to-do list of her daily tasks. Generally, Connie oversees managing client expectations, budgeting large projects, and mentoring her team. Further, Connie works on providing Change Order pricing to our clients, invoicing, and ordering materials. In addition to her general responsibilities, Connie must attend daily meetings to discuss upcoming work for planning, get project updates, and work through any challenges or issues that we need to resolve.

What Connie Loves About Her Job

Connie shares a sentiment with many other employees at KGa. Connie’s favorite part of her job is seeing the finished product of her work. In addition, Connie enjoys working on a variety of projects with KGa. Connie admits that her love of learning is what drives her passion within her career. Connie’s interest in learning about the commercial glass industry is what ultimately brought her to KGa. Working on many different types of projects has allowed Connie to grow her knowledge of the glass industry every day at work.

Pursuing A Skilled Trades Career

When we asked Connie what advice she’d give to someone determining if attending college or a skilled trade is the right career path, she recommended following your passion. “Obviously, if you want to be a doctor you’ll need to go to school,” she explains. However, Connie admits that going to college does not mean you’ll make more than a skilled trade worker. Since trade school is cheaper than college, Connie says that you can save money in the long run by pursuing a trade career.

When it comes to construction, specifically, Connie would like to remind up and coming students that construction is a career that is always hiring. Construction will always continue no matter what the world circumstance is. “Construction is essential,” she explains.

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